Never trust the weather forecast!

Posted by XTSee on 10th May , 2010

For the first May bank holiday weekend my wife, the dog and myself took ourselves away to the Lake District for a 4-day break. Before going I had checked the weather forecast which predicted a pretty poor weekend for the whole duration.
As we packed everything ready to go away, I looked at my giant binos [...] Read more »

Koi Pond finished - Back to Astronomy!

Posted by XTSee on 10th January , 2010

Happy New Year to all my readers.
My last blog post was back in April when I had used my XT10i telescope as a theodolite measuring levels for my new pond.
Blimey, after a whole years work on our new koi pond and patio I am only just getting back to doing some astronomy. My favourite hobby [...] Read more »

How to clean and restore old binoculars

Posted by XTSee on 26th February , 2009

I’ve just finished writing an article on how I recently renovated my favourite pair of very old 10×50 binos, which had become very stiff and difficult to operate, so that the focusing knobs were much smoother to operate, and so this has now made the binoculars an absolute pleasure to use.
Focusing is now feather-light whereas [...] Read more »

First Light on Venus

Posted by XTSee on 14th January , 2009

A few times recently when leaving work I have looked up to see Venus very bright in the evening sky, but by the time I have got home, cloud has moved in, or after the usual home chores, dog walk, meal, chat with the wife, its too late and Venus has got too low in [...] Read more »

Venus not Jupiter

Posted by XTSee on 2nd January , 2009

Tonight on my evening walk with the dog, I took out a small pair of binos I recently bought from our local Aldi store in their basement bargains section for just 6 pounds! Not that I expected much from these 12×32 binoculars. They look ok, but are pretty basic and a bit tinny to feel, [...] Read more »

Crazy Binocular Viewing Chairs

Posted by XTSee on 29th October , 2008

You may have read one of my recent posts reviewing the Adler Optik Jupiter 20×80 Giant Observation Binoculars.
With binoculars of this size, they are quite heavy and suitable methods of supporting them is a must. Not only will your arms buckle under the weight after a while, but they just cannot hold the binos steady [...] Read more »

California Nebula and the return of Orion

Posted by XTSee on 25th October , 2008

With clear skies gradually returning now that the colder evenings of autumn are upon us I have been enjoying the views of the heavens while walking my trusty dog Ben on the public footpath in fields at the back of our house. For stargazing I suppose I’m lucky that I can be out in the [...] Read more »

Lightning, Rainbows, Hercules Cluster and Satellites in formation

Posted by XTSee on 2nd September , 2008

What a bizarre combination of sightings this evening.
Early evening we had a fantastic thunderstorm. I love the power of a storm. The sky was incredibly dark, with fork lightning zipping across the clouds, and since the sun was setting from the opposite direction it was perfect for a strong bright rainbow to form, in a [...] Read more »

Review of Adler Optik Jupiter 20×80 ZCF Binos

Posted by XTSee on 19th August , 2008

The review of my Adler Optik Jupiter 20×80ZCF Giant Observation Binoculars which I have provided on my web site is now complete, and also includes an excerpt from Sky At Night magazine, September ‘08 issue, which did a group test on six pairs of binoculars, one of which was almost identical to my binos.

Overall I [...] Read more »

Partial Lunar eclipse thru 20×80 binos

Posted by XTSee on 17th August , 2008

Well I had very little hope of actually seeing the Partial Lunar Eclipse which took place on 16th August, starting at 20:36 BST, and ending at 23:44, with maximum coverage at 22:10. This weekends weather had been forecast (once again) as rainy and cloudy. Dull, dull, dull!
So I had given up all hope of actually [...] Read more »