Never trust the weather forecast!

Posted by XTSee on 10th May , 2010

20x80 Binos

20x80 Binos

For the first May bank holiday weekend my wife, the dog and myself took ourselves away to the Lake District for a 4-day break. Before going I had checked the weather forecast which predicted a pretty poor weekend for the whole duration.

As we packed everything ready to go away, I looked at my giant binos and thought, “There hardly seems any point as its going to be mostly cloudy, wet and dismal all weekend“.

Silly me! It doesn’t take much to pack binos and a tripod.

Once we were up in Cumbria, we had just one major downpour on the Saturday afternoon, but otherwise lovely clear starry views between some light cloud on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights! I even saw a couple of meteors.

I guess we just get so used to poor viewing conditions in England, that we kinda give up sometimes.

Moral of the story: Never trust the weatherman!

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  1. Info Lookout (2 comments)

    Lol, I’ve had my fair share of weather-related wrong info in the past.

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