Partial Lunar eclipse thru 20×80 binos

Posted by XTSee on 17th August , 2008

Well I had very little hope of actually seeing the Partial Lunar Eclipse which took place on 16th August, starting at 20:36 BST, and ending at 23:44, with maximum coverage at 22:10. This weekends weather had been forecast (once again) as rainy and cloudy. Dull, dull, dull!

So I had given up all hope of actually seeing anything, and so me and my good lady settled down to watch a couple of movies. Well halfway through the first film, we paused it to get a drinks top-up, and since I fancied a whisky-on-the-rocks, I had to go outside to the freezer in our garage, and glancing up at the sky was very surprised to see a gap in the clouds, only around the Moon, but large enough for me to go racing inside to fetch my new 20×80 binos and shouting for the wife to follow.

That’s the beauty of binoculars, and within about a minute the tripod and binos were setup and we were looking at the ghostly vision of the partially eclipsed Moon peering through a viel of clouds. It was quite a beautiful sight, and all the more special considering the clouds had opened up at exactly the right time for us to see the moon at almost maximum Earth shadow coverage. Very nice!

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