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M13 Cluster in Hercules

Posted by XTSee on 23rd October , 2012

A few nights ago I was experimenting with polar alignment with my newly purchased copy of Alignmaster after I made some adjustments to my C6 SGT scope to minimize poor backlash. Alignmaster is best used in conjunction with a webcam for accurate alignment, although it can be done visually if no webcam is available. Anyway, [...] Read more »

EQMOD + PCDIRECT or EQDIRECT. Which cable for Synscan EQ5 mount?

Posted by XTSee on 22nd October , 2012

Fairly recently I’ve started using EQMOD software with EQASCOM to control my Synscan Goto Upgrade Kit for my EQ5 telescope mount with my C6-SGT scope. There are various advantages to using EQMOD. It’s free for a start, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is average quality software. EQMOD has quite a few [...] Read more »

Nebulosity 3 in a nutshell

Posted by XTSee on 15th October , 2012

I really like Nebulosity 3 for processing my astrophotography images. The Help manual provided with the software is excellent, and the website provides very good tutorials which explain how to operate the software, and provides excellent detail to help understand all about Darks, Lights, Flats, Dark-Flats, Bias/Offset and BPM (Bad Pixel Mapping), not only what [...] Read more »

M27 Dumbell Nebula with EOS600D despite Backlash

Posted by XTSee on 15th October , 2012

A couple of nights ago I had another go at learning to use my un-modified Canon EOS 600D DSLR to hone my techniques in astrophotography with my C6-SGT scope. Now I’m starting to feel like I’m actually getting somewhere!
Even so there were a few things wrong with trying to get this image…..

For instance both the [...] Read more »

Learning about exposure with NGC6888 Crescent Nebula

Posted by XTSee on 5th October , 2012

Here is another image I took while at the Kelling Heath Star Party 2012. Sorry! It’s a bit disappointing. I chose NGC 6888 The Crescent Nebula as a possible try with my Canon EOS 600d DSLR after reading the September issue of Sky at Night magazine, where one of the observing articles showed this as [...] Read more »

M57 Ring Nebula from Canon EOS600D DSLR

Posted by XTSee on 1st October , 2012

Finally I’ve got round to posting up my images taken at the Kelling Heath Star Party 2012, using my new (un-modded) 600D camera. I chose a well-known and common target for my first image; the Ring Nebula is a good bright object. (Click the image to view full size, then click Back)
It took me quite [...] Read more »

DeepSkyStacker reading wrong size RAW files from Canon 600D DSLR

Posted by XTSee on 20th September , 2012

My first use of DeepSkyStacker with my new Canon EOS 600D DSLR ended up with a bit of a problem.
After opening my .CR2 RAW images, then registering and stacking them the resulting image was a tall narrow rectangle. I also noticed that the image resolution sizes shown in the image list was 1336×3516, rather than [...] Read more »

Kelling Heath Star Party - Autumn 2012

Posted by XTSee on 18th September , 2012

So we’re back from our short caravan break to Kelling Heath in North Norfolk this weekend just gone, where the 2012 Autumn Star Party took place. I enjoyed 3 good nights of clear skies and stargazing, using a combination of my EQ mounted Celestron C6-SGT scope, my Orion XT10i and my 20×80 big binos, while [...] Read more »

Venturing into DSLR Astrophotography with my Canon EOS 600d

Posted by XTSee on 1st August , 2012

For my 50th birthday my wonderful wife got me a brand new Canon EOS 600d DSLR camera. We’ve been making do with a basic compact camera for a few years now, for holidays, and use it for some simple astrophotography, and also using my LX-modified SPC900NC webcam for planetary and DSO photos.

But we are booked [...] Read more »

Dragon meets the Space Station

Posted by XTSee on 24th May , 2012

Tomorrow Friday May 25th the new Dragon reusable space craft developed by SpaceX will rendezvous with the International Space Station to provide new supplies, spend approximately 3 weeks docked with it, and then return back to earth.

It has been possible to photograph the Dragon nearing approach to the space station, as shown in this picture. [...] Read more »