How to clean and restore old binoculars

Posted by XTSee on 26th February , 2009

Clean 10x50 Binos

Clean 10x50 Binos

I’ve just finished writing an article on how I recently renovated my favourite pair of very old 10×50 binos, which had become very stiff and difficult to operate, so that the focusing knobs were much smoother to operate, and so this has now made the binoculars an absolute pleasure to use.

Focusing is now feather-light whereas before cleaning an re-greasing the moving parts, it required too much effort and pressure to rotate the focuser knob, and the Diopter focuser. This would result in small shaking or vibration of the binos while I was holding them, which in turn made judging the sharpness of focus more difficult.

You can read the article on my web site here:-

How to clean/renovate/regrease an old pair of 10×50 Binoculars

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    Really a very nice and useful post for me. As i am looking to clean up some of my old lenses and binoculars. Thanks for posting and sharing these useful tips.

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