Never trust the weather forecast!

Posted by XTSee on 10th May , 2010

For the first May bank holiday weekend my wife, the dog and myself took ourselves away to the Lake District for a 4-day break. Before going I had checked the weather forecast which predicted a pretty poor weekend for the whole duration.
As we packed everything ready to go away, I looked at my giant binos [...] Read more »

Koi Pond finished - Back to Astronomy!

Posted by XTSee on 10th January , 2010

Happy New Year to all my readers.
My last blog post was back in April when I had used my XT10i telescope as a theodolite measuring levels for my new pond.
Blimey, after a whole years work on our new koi pond and patio I am only just getting back to doing some astronomy. My favourite hobby [...] Read more »

Comet 2007 N3 Lulin

Posted by XTSee on 1st March , 2009

Hooray, I saw Comet Lulin tonight at last! First in my 20×80’s to see if I could locate it, then setup the XT10i and used my 38mm SWA EP to get a nice view of its fuzzy body. Using averted vision and moving my eye around the view I could clearly make out its faint [...] Read more »

First Light on Venus

Posted by XTSee on 14th January , 2009

A few times recently when leaving work I have looked up to see Venus very bright in the evening sky, but by the time I have got home, cloud has moved in, or after the usual home chores, dog walk, meal, chat with the wife, its too late and Venus has got too low in [...] Read more »

Venus not Jupiter

Posted by XTSee on 2nd January , 2009

Tonight on my evening walk with the dog, I took out a small pair of binos I recently bought from our local Aldi store in their basement bargains section for just 6 pounds! Not that I expected much from these 12×32 binoculars. They look ok, but are pretty basic and a bit tinny to feel, [...] Read more »

Crazy Binocular Viewing Chairs

Posted by XTSee on 29th October , 2008

You may have read one of my recent posts reviewing the Adler Optik Jupiter 20×80 Giant Observation Binoculars.
With binoculars of this size, they are quite heavy and suitable methods of supporting them is a must. Not only will your arms buckle under the weight after a while, but they just cannot hold the binos steady [...] Read more »

California Nebula and the return of Orion

Posted by XTSee on 25th October , 2008

With clear skies gradually returning now that the colder evenings of autumn are upon us I have been enjoying the views of the heavens while walking my trusty dog Ben on the public footpath in fields at the back of our house. For stargazing I suppose I’m lucky that I can be out in the [...] Read more »

Lightning, Rainbows, Hercules Cluster and Satellites in formation

Posted by XTSee on 2nd September , 2008

What a bizarre combination of sightings this evening.
Early evening we had a fantastic thunderstorm. I love the power of a storm. The sky was incredibly dark, with fork lightning zipping across the clouds, and since the sun was setting from the opposite direction it was perfect for a strong bright rainbow to form, in a [...] Read more »

Review of Adler Optik Jupiter 20×80 ZCF Binos

Posted by XTSee on 19th August , 2008

The review of my Adler Optik Jupiter 20×80ZCF Giant Observation Binoculars which I have provided on my web site is now complete, and also includes an excerpt from Sky At Night magazine, September ‘08 issue, which did a group test on six pairs of binoculars, one of which was almost identical to my binos.

Overall I [...] Read more »

Partial Lunar eclipse thru 20×80 binos

Posted by XTSee on 17th August , 2008

Well I had very little hope of actually seeing the Partial Lunar Eclipse which took place on 16th August, starting at 20:36 BST, and ending at 23:44, with maximum coverage at 22:10. This weekends weather had been forecast (once again) as rainy and cloudy. Dull, dull, dull!
So I had given up all hope of actually [...] Read more »