Review of Orion Dual-Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser + AccuFocus

Posted by XTSee on 16th November , 2008

I have now finished my latest review article about the Orion Dual-Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser that I got for my XT10i telescope recently. At the same time I also got the Orion AccuFocus Motorised Focuser to provide vibration-free fine focusing of my telescope. Both these are detailed in the XT10 Telescope Modifications section of my [...] Read more »

New dovetail mount for Multi LED Reticule Reflex Finder Scope

Posted by XTSee on 17th September , 2008

Red Dot Finder Scope from ScopeTeknix

The latest mod I have added to my Skyquest XT Mods section is for my Orion XT10i and details the simple addition of a new dovetail mount so that I can have both my standard 9×50 Finder Scope, and my new Multi-Reticule LED Red Dot Finder Scope mounted to my [...] Read more »

Dovetail mount added for multi-reticule Red Dot Finder

Posted by XTSee on 26th August , 2008

Today I modified my Orion XT10i telescope by adding a second dovetail mount to accept a multi-reticule red-dot finder scope on the main telescope. I purchased the red-dot finder as a new accessory a few months ago now, but obviously could only use one finder at a time with the single dovetail mount installed on [...] Read more »