New dovetail mount for Multi LED Reticule Reflex Finder Scope

Posted by XTSee on 17th September , 2008
Red Dot Finder Scope from ScopeTeknix
Red Dot Finder Scope from ScopeTeknix

The latest mod I have added to my Skyquest XT Mods section is for my Orion XT10i and details the simple addition of a new dovetail mount so that I can have both my standard 9×50 Finder Scope, and my new Multi-Reticule LED Red Dot Finder Scope mounted to my telescope.

The finder is very light, well-made and nicely finished, easily and accurately aligned with click-stop adjustment screws.

The article has pictures of this great, reasonably priced red-dot finder scope from ScopeTeknix, and shows the new dovetail mount in place, with the finder mounted.

Click here to read the article:

Addition of a dovetail mount for a red-dot finder scope.

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