Dovetail mount added for multi-reticule Red Dot Finder

Posted by XTSee on 26th August , 2008

Today I modified my Orion XT10i telescope by adding a second dovetail mount to accept a multi-reticule red-dot finder scope on the main telescope. I purchased the red-dot finder as a new accessory a few months ago now, but obviously could only use one finder at a time with the single dovetail mount installed on the XT10.

This modification means that I can now have both the standard 9×50 finder, and the red-dot finder permanently mounted without having to swap them over. This also has the advantage that both scopes will remain accurately aligned, because removing and remounting them previously caused them to go slightly out of alignment.

Each finder has its own advantages:

  • The red-dot finder is very easy and intuitive to use, I think more so than the 9×50 which I often tend to get lost with when sighting stars.
  • The 9×50 is quite a good finder, with a nice level of magnification to enjoy looking at the stars with in its own right, but it is made all the more useful by having the red-dot finder as a companion.

Adding the dovetail mount to the top of the XT10 was quite easy to do, although some careful consideration was given on the placement of the mount before actually drilling the OTA. I have taken some pictures and will in due course create a new page on my web site detailing the mod.

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4 Responses to “Dovetail mount added for multi-reticule Red Dot Finder”

  1. Richard (1 comments)

    Hi Jim,
    Where did you purchase the dovetail mount? I want to do something similar.

  2. XTSee (25 comments)

    Richard, the dovetail was purchased from Scopes-n-Skies, a UK supplier that I regularly use and who I bought the red dot finder from as well.

    Here’s the link….

  3. Brandon (1 comments)

    Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wealth of
    information on your website. I wanted to use my 9×50 and Orion EZ Finder
    at the same time and wasn’t thrilled with the idea of using sticky tape.
    Using your description as a guide, I drilled two holes in my tube (my
    heart was in my throat and I think I held my breath for about 2 minutes!)
    and successfully mounted a second dovetail. It works like a charm! Thanks
    for having such a great site for XT10i owners!

    Brandon Neff
    South Jordan, UT

  4. XTSee (25 comments)

    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks very much for your kind comments.
    It’s nice of you to take the time to write, and its much appreciated.

    I’m pleased you found my article useful, and I’m sure you’ll find having
    both finders available wil greatly ease finding things. Generally I do the
    quick location using the red-dot finder, and often surprise myself at how
    close I am to whatever I’m trying to find, confirmed by the view through
    the 9×50.

    A bit of fine tuning the location in the 9×50 puts me pretty much spot on
    then for observing through the eyepiece.

    Clear skies.

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