Venturing into DSLR Astrophotography with my Canon EOS 600d

Posted by XTSee on 1st August , 2012

For my 50th birthday my wonderful wife got me a brand new Canon EOS 600d DSLR camera. We’ve been making do with a basic compact camera for a few years now, for holidays, and use it for some simple astrophotography, and also using my LX-modified SPC900NC webcam for planetary and DSO photos.

But we are booked for a Norwegian cruise holiday early next year, and wanted a good quality camera to use on the trip and to get some shots (hopefully) of the Northern Lights aurora, so we splashed out and got the 600D. I am very pleased with it, and staggered by the features it has.

So far I have attempted some wide view shots of the night sky, with 30 second to 1 minute exposures, which give a good idea of the sensitivity of the camera, but of course result in trailing of the stars. I’ve got a small motorised EQ tripod mount which a friend lent me (cheers James), and I will be having a go with that soon.

Also I have ordered a Canon EOS (AF) compatible T-ring adapter plus a Celestron SCT T-adapter to mount the camera directly to the backplane of my C6-SGT telescope. And I will probably also order BackyardEOS to assist with focusing and taking sequences of images.

All good stuff to look forward to, particularly when we go to the September Star Party at Kelling Heath.

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  1. Ernest Moore (1 comments)

    600d is a great camera. haven’t used it to make pics of the sky, but I’m sure they will be perfect. have a good time in the cruise! :)

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