M57 Ring Nebula from Canon EOS600D DSLR

Posted by XTSee on 1st October , 2012

Finally I’ve got round to posting up my images taken at the Kelling Heath Star Party 2012, using my new (un-modded) 600D camera. I chose a well-known and common target for my first image; the Ring Nebula is a good bright object. (Click the image to view full size, then click Back)

M57 Ring Nebula

M57 Ring Nebula

It took me quite a while to get everything setup and familiar with my DSLR, and experimenting with the ISO settings and exposure, turning off both theĀ Long Exposure and High ISO Noise Reduction settings in the camera, change the screen to a less intense colour scheme and brightness, then trying out Liveview in the EOS Utility, pointing at a bright star to get focused, then slewing to M57 and trying to find it, then changing from Liveview which was totally black, to longer exposures, but still no joy……

By now it was about midnight (well I also kept chatting to various people wandering by, all quite a relaxed affair really) and I still hadn’t managed to image anything….. well the night is yet young, I was planning to stay up until about 3am.

After going back into the caravan for a coffee and whisky, and a think about what I could be doing wrong, I decided to go back to basics and check everything over. Returning outside and red-light back on, I discovered that despite my dew-controller being turned on it was at a low power setting, and the front of the C6 was thick with dew, doh! So hairdryer to the rescue I got it cleared, and whacked the dew controller to maximum.

Finally and after upping the ISO to 6400, and doing a 30 second exposure I was able to make out the starfield and the nebula very faintly, but by the time I was ready to take some more shots for stacking, the darn thing had crept behind a tree! Game over for the night on M57.

So the above image is the result of just one 30 second image, processed with some stacked Darks which I created a few days later (so wrong temperature), and no Flat frames. Post-processing was done in Nebulosity, then Photoshop. Rather noisy, and could have done with being cropped, but I like it.

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