Two for the price of one!

Posted by XTSee on 15th January , 2009

Hey hey - I’ve hit the jackpot!

Yesterday I said I was hoping to receive my new Celestron C6-SGT XLT Schmidt-Cassesgrain Telescope.

Well when I got home this is what I found….

Two Celestron C6-SGT XLT Telescopes

Two Celestron C6-SGT XLT Telescopes

How neat is that eh? I didn’t realise my purchase was a Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer!

I was supposed to only get 2 boxes, but as you can see First Light Optics have delivered two identical C6 telescopes to me. Big boxes contain tripods, small boxes contain the OTA.

How kind of them :)

Now what should I do? Wait a while to see if they notice?

Give one to a friend?

Sell one on the cheap?

Hmm. Well I think really I should phone them and see if they’re missing a telescope!

Anybody want a free C6 ?

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9 Responses to “Two for the price of one!”

  1. James (4 comments)

    Well, I’m happy to relieve you of the spare. I know the wife is probably cursing big boxes lying around so the sooner I grab it the better (for your sake of course!)

  2. XTSee (25 comments)

    You’re quite right. She is moaning about the big boxes in the hall. When can you collect it!?!? LOL

  3. First Light Optics (1 comments)


    Thank-you for letting us know :-)

    We will send someone to collect the spare tomorrow.

    We will also send you a little something for your honesty ;-)


    Steve (First Light Optics)

  4. XTSee (25 comments)

    Well, sorry to say the “extra” C6 has now been taken away :(

    Oh well. Apparently what happened was that First Light Optics use a middle-tier supplier for the Celestron scopes, who had made the cock-up and sent out two scopes. I think they got confused as I had asked them to delay the delivery by a couple of days, when my wife was in to sign for it.

    But when it came there were in fact 5 boxes, and she thought it best to accept them all.

    Although FLO only charged me once, the middle supplier had charged FLO twice! They wouldn’t have noticed something was amiss until a month or so later, so they were pleased I notified them about it.


  5. Nickname.Raph (1 comments)

    erm, if we order a telescope, do we have to pay by credit card or cash?
    and im staying in singapore, do u deliver it or i can collect at whr?

  6. XTSee (25 comments)

    This is a personal blog! I dont supply telescopes - First Light Optics do (based in UK), and this post was about them accidentally sending me 2 of the same - LOL.
    Get in touch with them.

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  8. (1 comments)

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