M13 Cluster in Hercules

Posted by XTSee on 23rd October , 2012

A few nights ago I was experimenting with polar alignment with my newly purchased copy of Alignmaster after I made some adjustments to my C6 SGT scope to minimize poor backlash. Alignmaster is best used in conjunction with a webcam for accurate alignment, although it can be done visually if no webcam is available. Anyway, [...] Read more »

Orion Star Count Survey 2011

Posted by XTSee on 1st February , 2011

Two nights this week I have participated in the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Star Count Survey for 2011.
You can take part by counting as many stars as possible in the constellation Orion, in an area bounded by the four main corner stars, go here for instructions and to take part (you must do it [...] Read more »

Planning makes all the difference

Posted by XTSee on 23rd October , 2010

This is the first observing session with my Celestron C6-SGT Go-To scope for a very long time. I brought my scope along on our short camping break at Marsh Farm caravan site, Saxmundham in Suffolk, and tonight the damp weather has abated, and the forecast predicted a very cold spell coming in from the North.
Quite [...] Read more »

Perseids meteor shower - Wet wet wet!

Posted by XTSee on 15th August , 2010

Nothing, not a sausage. As I feared, it was rainy with just the odd passing gap in the clouds to peer through, but even then saw nothing, but with a Zenithal Hourly Rate predicted of 80-120, i.e. in theory a meteor every 30 to 60 seconds, we would hope to have seen something.
Saturday night [...] Read more »

XT10 Point Vertical - not Align Dec Mark!

Posted by XTSee on 21st April , 2010

I received an email from Joao in Mexico, who has just purchased an XT10i, and had a question for me about the Intelliscope unit supplied with his new XT10i telescope. He was confused because the Intelliscope altitude encoder board supplied seemed to be too large when he came to install it on the side panel. [...] Read more »

A Night of Achievements

Posted by XTSee on 21st February , 2010

Good nights for astronomy are often few and far between in the UK. We’ve had the usual run of miserable, rainy, cloudy nights. Sometimes when the early evening sky looks promising, inevitably the clouds roll in by the time we’ve had our supper!
So when a good, clear, cold night comes along you grab the opportunity, [...] Read more »

Polar scope woes, Stellarium telescope control and 1st light 2010

Posted by XTSee on 30th January , 2010

Last night/morning (Jan 29th/30th) was the first time I have been out with my C6-SGT not only for 2010, but also for a whole year (previous post explains about my pond building antics putting my astronomy on hold!).
Coming home from work the evening sky was beautifully clear, and I was in a great mood taking [...] Read more »

More fun with the C6-SGT XLT SCT Telescope

Posted by XTSee on 21st January , 2009

My new Celestron C6-SGT SCT telescope with Starbrite XLT coatings is brilliant. Last night was quite a nice night for viewing, best I’ve had in weeks.
One of my wife’s work colleagues stayed over last night, and he was interested to see through it, and I didn’t want to miss a chance, so out we went.
Took [...] Read more »

Crazy Binocular Viewing Chairs

Posted by XTSee on 29th October , 2008

You may have read one of my recent posts reviewing the Adler Optik Jupiter 20×80 Giant Observation Binoculars.
With binoculars of this size, they are quite heavy and suitable methods of supporting them is a must. Not only will your arms buckle under the weight after a while, but they just cannot hold the binos steady [...] Read more »

California Nebula and the return of Orion

Posted by XTSee on 25th October , 2008

With clear skies gradually returning now that the colder evenings of autumn are upon us I have been enjoying the views of the heavens while walking my trusty dog Ben on the public footpath in fields at the back of our house. For stargazing I suppose I’m lucky that I can be out in the [...] Read more »