SPC900NC Amp-off mod

Posted by XTSee on 3rd November , 2011

Prompted by a comment a couple of weeks back (Philip A Cruden at AstroGab) I decided to expand on the Steve Chambers long exposure SC1 LX-mod I have done previously to my SPC900NC webcam, by making the necessary change to allow the Amp-off mod (known as the SC1.5 mod).
The webcam electronics normally use an “amplifier” [...] Read more »

A Night of Achievements

Posted by XTSee on 21st February , 2010

Good nights for astronomy are often few and far between in the UK. We’ve had the usual run of miserable, rainy, cloudy nights. Sometimes when the early evening sky looks promising, inevitably the clouds roll in by the time we’ve had our supper!
So when a good, clear, cold night comes along you grab the opportunity, [...] Read more »

How to improve worm gear backlash on Celestron CG-5 Equatorial Mount

Posted by XTSee on 4th February , 2009

I’ve not long had my new Celestron C6-S SCT XLT Telescope, but following a minor problem with the Backlash setting in the SynScan Pro V3 Goto Upgrade hand controller (which was fairly easily fixed by a firmware update to correct the excess Backlash adjustment), my interest was piqued and I wanted to check at an [...] Read more »

Review of Orion Dual-Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser + AccuFocus

Posted by XTSee on 16th November , 2008

I have now finished my latest review article about the Orion Dual-Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser that I got for my XT10i telescope recently. At the same time I also got the Orion AccuFocus Motorised Focuser to provide vibration-free fine focusing of my telescope. Both these are detailed in the XT10 Telescope Modifications section of my [...] Read more »

How to flock a Newtonian reflector telescope

Posted by XTSee on 20th October , 2008

Darkness is what matters in Astronomy. Stars shining brightly, painted on the black canvas of space.
And there’s nothing spoils the view more than having a grey or washed out view through your telescope.
One form of light pollution is of course the overhead washing out of the sky due to street lights en-masse shining up into [...] Read more »

Mod: Counter-balance weights / Dual-speed Crayford Focuser

Posted by XTSee on 6th October , 2008

Two things of note in this post, both of which are related to Skyquest XT modifications - well one is specifically for Orion Skyquest XT scopes, while the other could be of use for most solid tube-type dobsonian mounted telescopes.

I’ve added a new page to the mods section detailing the creation of cheap, simple, easy-to-make [...] Read more »

Gave my scope a good Flocking!

Posted by XTSee on 26th September , 2008

Yesterday evening I got home from work and took the dog out for his walk. It was a lovely clear night and the stars were nice and bright, so I was feeling quite excited about the prospect of some decent star gazing (wifey is away tonight). Got back home and immediately took my XT10i telescope [...] Read more »

New dovetail mount for Multi LED Reticule Reflex Finder Scope

Posted by XTSee on 17th September , 2008

Red Dot Finder Scope from ScopeTeknix

The latest mod I have added to my Skyquest XT Mods section is for my Orion XT10i and details the simple addition of a new dovetail mount so that I can have both my standard 9×50 Finder Scope, and my new Multi-Reticule LED Red Dot Finder Scope mounted to my [...] Read more »

Replace dobsonian Teflon bearings with Lazy Susan turntable

Posted by XTSee on 7th September , 2008

I have added a new page to my site describing the modification to the Orion XT10 to replace the original Teflon bearings with a Lazy Susan turntable bearing.

This is one of the primary mods Dobsonian owners are interested to learn about, in their quest to achieve the smoothest possible Azimuth movement. The standard Teflon bearings [...] Read more »

Orion XT10 Modifications section added

Posted by XTSee on 3rd September , 2008

I have recently added two new sections to the main www.Orion-XT10.com website.

XT-Mods - this will provide information on any modifications and improvements specifically related to the Orion XT10i telescope
Resources - is simply a proper place for my collection of Orion XT10 related web sites , other reviews, mods info, equipment and maintenance links. There [...] Read more »