Orion XT10 Astronomy Blog now LIVE!

Posted by XTSee on 29th May , 2008

Tonight I have added this excellent blog theme called Dark Planet to my blog, and have made the blog live via links from my main Orion XT10 website.

This blog (much like all blogs I suppose) is initially intended simply as a personal reminder of what I have done and when, in relation to my astronomy hobby. The blog will allow me to make quick posts, since creating new pages or sections in the main web site is usually more time consuming and requires a little more planning.

Sometimes I just want to quickly “jot down” notes from a nights observing session, etc. So if anyone finds it useful also, thats a plus! In which case I hope you enjoy my musings :o)

Comments are welcome (except spammers!), so please feel free to let me know your opinion.


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