Moon Snow Glow

Posted by XTSee on 5th February , 2009

Tonight, Moon spread slow, solar White against Black
Her soft eery glow tween fleeting Wisps track

Cast shadowy patterns, ‘pon glistening carpet herewith,
Reflect ten-thousand-fold pinpoints, honouring heavens Zenith.

The Field dark, and yet strangely alive,
Shows overhead passing. And synchronised
The gray shapes blurred motion; Cast down - No Sound.

Marching from far side to near……..

Eyes downward, sense heightened, and so faint I see

The pulse of Snow Moonlight - so fine and the Hue
Near magical, borders on Aurora Blue,
Each Clouds edge advance the cold ground into View

Again, overhead passing they flee.

English snow, so rare and now such a Sight,
Moon shines ebb, then flow, down up to the Night
This wonder, the quietness, her crisp icy flight

I ponder Mare Tranquillitatis for me?

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