Klu Klux Klan style Hooded Astronomers Jacket

Posted by XTSee on 23rd January , 2012

I don’t think I have mentioned before that I’ve got an astronomers jacket made in the USA by a firm called Dark Skies Apparel.

It is brilliant, and probably one of the most useful astronomy “accessories” I have purchased.

Astronomers Hooded Jacket with pockets

Astronomers Hooded Jacket with pockets

Made out of thick black cotton material (totally light-proof), it is deliberately oversized to go over your normal coat as the outermost layer.

It has loads of deep pockets of varying sizes to hold my glasses, eyepieces, barlows, end-caps, red-light, etc.

However the most important part is a huge klu-klux-klan style hoodie which goes over your head when at the eyepiece, and dangles down around your head considerably.

The point of this is it cuts out any stray side-light (e.g. from street lamps, garden lights, neighbours security light, and so on) from around your head entirely, and this really makes a big difference when at the scope or binoculars, and also helps keep your head warm on cold nights.

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