Jupiter at Kelling Heath Star Party Sept 2011

Posted by XTSee on 11th October , 2011

The following photo of Jupiter is one I took at the Kelling Heath Star Party on 24th September 2011 aligning/stacking about 1000 frames at 5ps (320×240), using my SPC900NC in video mode on my C6-SGT XLT SCT telescope tracking on CG-EQ5 mount, and post-processed with Registax.

Jupiter 24-11-2011 C6-SGT SPC900NC Registax

Jupiter 24-11-2011 C6-SGT SPC900NC Registax

I had also tried using K3CCDTools with this footage, but I find that Registax always seem to produce finer detail, and I was pleased to see the great red spot was evident in the final image. You can also see one of the moons, Io off to the left of the planet. At the time Ganymede and Callisto were out of view, and Europa was behind Jupiter.

On this night it was quite dark (new moon not yet up) and clear, and Jupiter was at about 15° above the horizon and with less atmospheric turbulence.

Older pictures can be found on my Jupiter photos page.

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