Should I buy an XT8 or XT10?

Posted by XTSee on 14th January , 2011

Just recently I got the following email asking me my thoughts on whether to choose a Skyquest XT8i or the XT10i….
Hi,  I have had a look at your website which is very informative. I recently sold my skywatcher  explorer 200mm f/8 telescope as I do wish to purchase the orion skyquest xt10i. Although not a  [...] Read more »

How to flock a Newtonian reflector telescope

Posted by XTSee on 20th October , 2008

Darkness is what matters in Astronomy. Stars shining brightly, painted on the black canvas of space.
And there’s nothing spoils the view more than having a grey or washed out view through your telescope.
One form of light pollution is of course the overhead washing out of the sky due to street lights en-masse shining up into [...] Read more »

Problems using a webcam for astrophotography

Posted by XTSee on 17th June , 2008

Another interesting email I received recently, which may provide some answers to other folk:-
I too am new to astronomy and bought a 8″ Orion SkyQuest XT8. I’ve been playing around some old webcams but am only able to get an image using an eyepiece and leaving the lens on the webcam. Am I missing something [...] Read more »