M42 Orion Nebula taken with SPC900NC

Posted by XTSee on 5th November , 2011

The Great Orion Nebula (M42) is probably the most popular and brightest target nebula in the Northern hemisphere for astrophotographers.
Click the picture for a larger version, then hit Back when done.
This image taken with my LX-modded SPC900NC on my C6-SGT XLT scope on EQ5 mount is far superior than I have taken of M42 in [...] Read more »

SPC900NC Amp-off mod

Posted by XTSee on 3rd November , 2011

Prompted by a comment a couple of weeks back (Philip A Cruden at AstroGab) I decided to expand on the Steve Chambers long exposure SC1 LX-mod I have done previously to my SPC900NC webcam, by making the necessary change to allow the Amp-off mod (known as the SC1.5 mod).
The webcam electronics normally use an “amplifier” [...] Read more »

NGC2024 The Flame Nebula taken with SPC900NC

Posted by XTSee on 16th October , 2011

Many times I have tried to view the Flame Nebula by eye with my Orion XT10i Dobsonian, but without success (I keep thinking “It must be there, surely I should be able to see it!?”).
In professional photographs The Flame looks reasonably bright when compared to very faint nebula like the Horsehead, and it doesn’t look [...] Read more »

M1 Crab Nebula taken with SPC900NC

Posted by XTSee on 15th October , 2011

The Crab Nebula (M1/NGC1952) is found in the constellation Taurus. It is a supernova remnant and pulsar wind nebula observed by John Bevis in 1731 which corresponds to a bright supernova recorded by Chinese and Arab astronomers in 1054. The Crab is located at a distance of about 6,500 light-years from Earth, and the nebula [...] Read more »

NGC-869 Double Cluster taken with SPC900NC

Posted by XTSee on 13th October , 2011

Here is an image of NGC-869 that I took using my SC1 modded SPC900NC webcam using LX-mode.
The Double Cluster is comprised of a pair of open or galactic star clusters, a lovely starfield in the northern constellation of Perseus. They are an easy binocular target, and once you know their position they are also readily [...] Read more »

SPC900NC Webcam must use 5fps with LX mode

Posted by XTSee on 11th October , 2011

When I went to the Kelling Heath star party 2 weeks ago, I had a good go at using my SPC900NC webcam with my scope to so some astrophotography. Even though I had modded the camera several months ago, I’ve not tried using it for real yet! My bad. Anyway the star [...] Read more »

SPC900NC webcam: Pleiades, M81 and M66

Posted by XTSee on 6th March , 2010

After my experimental “first light” imaging session with my newly modified Phillips SPC900NC webcam for Long Exposures (Steve Chambers mod), I have now processed the images and this is what they look like. They’re not visually fantastic, but for a first attempt I’m well pleased. Generally they were 15-20 second exposures. They couldn’t be any [...] Read more »

LX Trials & Tribulations

Posted by XTSee on 5th March , 2010

Its the end of another long cold session with my Celestron C6-SGT and everything is packed away. Ice is melting off the screen of my laptop as I type and drink a nice mug of hot chocolate. Its been a very nice clear night and finally, at last, I have been able to try out [...] Read more »

Imaging Mars

Posted by XTSee on 3rd March , 2010

Just a quick diary post tonight. More practice at setting up and polar alignment of my EQ5 Synscan Goto, and C6 SCT, to try and get some webcam images of Mars. I’ve managed to get some footage at prime focus and 2xBarlow recorded into K3CCDTools. Too late to be processing tonight, so pics will have [...] Read more »

A Night of Achievements

Posted by XTSee on 21st February , 2010

Good nights for astronomy are often few and far between in the UK. We’ve had the usual run of miserable, rainy, cloudy nights. Sometimes when the early evening sky looks promising, inevitably the clouds roll in by the time we’ve had our supper!
So when a good, clear, cold night comes along you grab the opportunity, [...] Read more »