Planet Mars astrophotography section online

Posted by XTSee on 7th July , 2008

Brace yourself for some truly terrible photos of Mars which you can find on my web site.
I’ve had these photos for quite some time and have been meaning to add them, partly tongue-in-cheek, and partly as a momento of my very first attempts at astrophotography with my XT10 telescope. I took these in December 2007 [...] Read more »

Saturn added to astrophotography section

Posted by XTSee on 7th July , 2008

Tonight I finished creating a new page within the Astrophotography section of my site showing the photos I have taken of Saturn (don’t get too excited, they’re nothing great).
They demonstrate afocal astropics of Saturn taken with a simple point-and-shoot camera held up to the eyepiece, and also a couple of webcam images produced from AVI [...] Read more »

First photos of Jupiter through XT10

Posted by XTSee on 5th July , 2008

As promised in my previous days post, here are pictures of Jupiter taken with my Philips SPC900NC webcam, and after processing them.

This is the very first time I have taken Jupiter, and the conditions were not very good. I had a very short slot of time to get set up and take the movies, Jupiter [...] Read more »