Moon Mosaic using a Focal Reducer - almost!

Posted by XTSee on 22nd March , 2009

Quite a while ago I bought a 0.8x Focal Reducer for my XT10i telescope in the hope that I would be able to obtain a wider field of view when taking astronomy pictures with my SPC900NC webcam.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get the damn thing to focus, even with my Low-Profile Crayford Focuser. It may be just [...] Read more »

Lunar photos of the Moon added to astrophotography section

Posted by XTSee on 21st June , 2008

Tonight I have brought the Astrophotography section of my web site to life by creating a sub-section showing the pictures I have taken of the Moon.

Although I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to astrophotography, the point is to show folk what I was able to produce on my very first attempt [...] Read more »

The Orion XT10i in terms of Astrophotography

Posted by XTSee on 8th June , 2008

Someone emailed me about how well the XT10i fares for astrophotography, and I thought our email conversation might be useful to other people considering the XT10.
Hi James, I am currently looking into re-starting my astro hobby (I used to have a - self built 15cm F/5 newton) and while binoculars are nice, I am looking [...] Read more »