Should I buy an XT8 or XT10?

Posted by XTSee on 14th January , 2011

Just recently I got the following email asking me my thoughts on whether to choose a Skyquest XT8i or the XT10i….
Hi,  I have had a look at your website which is very informative. I recently sold my skywatcher  explorer 200mm f/8 telescope as I do wish to purchase the orion skyquest xt10i. Although not a  [...] Read more »

Replace dobsonian Teflon bearings with Lazy Susan turntable

Posted by XTSee on 7th September , 2008

I have added a new page to my site describing the modification to the Orion XT10 to replace the original Teflon bearings with a Lazy Susan turntable bearing.

This is one of the primary mods Dobsonian owners are interested to learn about, in their quest to achieve the smoothest possible Azimuth movement. The standard Teflon bearings [...] Read more »

Orion XT10 Modifications section added

Posted by XTSee on 3rd September , 2008

I have recently added two new sections to the main website.

XT-Mods - this will provide information on any modifications and improvements specifically related to the Orion XT10i telescope
Resources - is simply a proper place for my collection of Orion XT10 related web sites , other reviews, mods info, equipment and maintenance links. There [...] Read more »