How to use Meade f/3.3 Focal Reducer with SPC900NC & Celestron C6-SGT

Posted by XTSee on 1st August , 2011

I have a Philips SPC900NC PC webcam that I use for astrophotography with my Celestron C6-SGT XLT SCT Goto telescope. I have modified it with the Steve Chambers LX (Long Exposure) mod and wanted to try out a fairly good easy starting target to experiment on its capabilities.
Pleiades seemed to be a good choice, but [...] Read more »

Moon Mosaic using a Focal Reducer - almost!

Posted by XTSee on 22nd March , 2009

Quite a while ago I bought a 0.8x Focal Reducer for my XT10i telescope in the hope that I would be able to obtain a wider field of view when taking astronomy pictures with my SPC900NC webcam.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get the damn thing to focus, even with my Low-Profile Crayford Focuser. It may be just [...] Read more »

Review of Orion Dual-Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser + AccuFocus

Posted by XTSee on 16th November , 2008

I have now finished my latest review article about the Orion Dual-Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser that I got for my XT10i telescope recently. At the same time I also got the Orion AccuFocus Motorised Focuser to provide vibration-free fine focusing of my telescope. Both these are detailed in the XT10 Telescope Modifications section of my [...] Read more »

Mod: Counter-balance weights / Dual-speed Crayford Focuser

Posted by XTSee on 6th October , 2008

Two things of note in this post, both of which are related to Skyquest XT modifications - well one is specifically for Orion Skyquest XT scopes, while the other could be of use for most solid tube-type dobsonian mounted telescopes.

I’ve added a new page to the mods section detailing the creation of cheap, simple, easy-to-make [...] Read more »