Should I buy an XT8 or XT10?

Posted by XTSee on 14th January , 2011

Just recently I got the following email asking me my thoughts on whether to choose a Skyquest XT8i or the XT10i….
Hi,  I have had a look at your website which is very informative. I recently sold my skywatcher  explorer 200mm f/8 telescope as I do wish to purchase the orion skyquest xt10i. Although not a  [...] Read more »

New Moon and M35-M38

Posted by XTSee on 29th March , 2009

The new Moon and a reasonably clear night tempted me this evening to setup the Celestron C6-SGT, but with the Moon low in the sky, and between buildings it was a race to get setup in time before it sank below the rooftops. My intention was to setup the scope’s Goto with the serial link [...] Read more »

Primary Mirror Collimation / Barlowed Laser Method

Posted by XTSee on 9th November , 2008

I’ve just finished a new article on the main web site in the Collimation section describing How to collimate the Primary Mirror using the Barlowed Laser Technique. Of course this requires a Barlow Lens and a Laser Collimator for this method to be used, but the page also provides links to some excellent resources detailing [...] Read more »

Webcam imaging: Jupiter/Moon and exploring Auriga

Posted by XTSee on 12th October , 2008

Tonights viewing was an attempt to obtain some better webcam footage of Jupiter. As usual though, it was very low in the sky, and I have only a short timeslot due to gaps between buildings. In fact I stood the XT10 on top of my patio dining table to give it sufficient height to see [...] Read more »

First photos of Jupiter through XT10

Posted by XTSee on 5th July , 2008

As promised in my previous days post, here are pictures of Jupiter taken with my Philips SPC900NC webcam, and after processing them.

This is the very first time I have taken Jupiter, and the conditions were not very good. I had a very short slot of time to get set up and take the movies, Jupiter [...] Read more »

First light on Jupiter and its moons

Posted by XTSee on 4th July , 2008

Well, I’ve only had my telescope for 7 months(!), and last night was the very first time I’ve got up close and personal with Jupiter. Hooray, no rain, no clouds, and Jupiter positioned enough above the horizon for me to view it properly. I did view it through binos a week ago, but that was [...] Read more »

Moon and Galaxies in Ursa Major

Posted by XTSee on 10th May , 2008

Moon Spotting
Today was a nice warm, spring day, and the evening was quite mild. Ideal to get the XT10 out for some viewing. Stars weren’t particularly bright tonight, but the scope soon revealed quite a reasonable amount of depth.
Tonight I wanted to focus on observing the Moon, which is 5 days into new moon, and [...] Read more »