Should I buy an XT8 or XT10?

Posted by XTSee on 14th January , 2011

Just recently I got the following email asking me my thoughts on whether to choose a Skyquest XT8i or the XT10i….
Hi,  I have had a look at your website which is very informative. I recently sold my skywatcher  explorer 200mm f/8 telescope as I do wish to purchase the orion skyquest xt10i. Although not a  [...] Read more »

Perseids meteor shower?

Posted by XTSee on 13th August , 2010

Looks like it could be a bit of a damp squib tonight/tomorrow (12th/13th August) here in the UK!
However Tuesday night was gorgeous, clear, bright, no moonlight, and comfortably cool.
One of those nights I could NOT miss.
Took the XT10 out, and using its Intelliscope I saw all manner of things (aligned with my new illuminated crosshair [...] Read more »

XT10 Point Vertical - not Align Dec Mark!

Posted by XTSee on 21st April , 2010

I received an email from Joao in Mexico, who has just purchased an XT10i, and had a question for me about the Intelliscope unit supplied with his new XT10i telescope. He was confused because the Intelliscope altitude encoder board supplied seemed to be too large when he came to install it on the side panel. [...] Read more »

XT10i Telescope used as a Theodolite / Laser Level

Posted by XTSee on 29th April , 2009

Just lately I’ve been too busy with a completely different kind of project for me to do any astronomy, hence the rather long delay between my previous blog post and now.
We have been completely absorbed in the evenings designing a new pond for our fish. Basically the original pond (at 400 gallons) was too small [...] Read more »

Moon Mosaic using a Focal Reducer - almost!

Posted by XTSee on 22nd March , 2009

Quite a while ago I bought a 0.8x Focal Reducer for my XT10i telescope in the hope that I would be able to obtain a wider field of view when taking astronomy pictures with my SPC900NC webcam.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get the damn thing to focus, even with my Low-Profile Crayford Focuser. It may be just [...] Read more »

Comet 2007 N3 Lulin

Posted by XTSee on 1st March , 2009

Hooray, I saw Comet Lulin tonight at last! First in my 20×80’s to see if I could locate it, then setup the XT10i and used my 38mm SWA EP to get a nice view of its fuzzy body. Using averted vision and moving my eye around the view I could clearly make out its faint [...] Read more »

Star Testing the Orion Skyquest XT10i

Posted by XTSee on 12th December , 2008

Tonight I had a go at star testing my XT10i telescope to check the collimation and optics.
There was a full moon tonight, transparency was not particularly good and only the brighter stars were properly visible, so there wasn’t much point in trying to see much else, and instead I figured better use of my time [...] Read more »

M42 Orion Nebula with XT10i Dobsonian

Posted by XTSee on 4th December , 2008

Hey hey! I’m pleased as punch. I’ve taken a picture of M42 The Great Orion Nebula showing the Trapezium stars using my Orion Skyquest XT10i telescope.
“Yeah, so what, loads of people take photos of the Orion Nebula with their scopes”, you say.
Aha, but how many people attempt it with a Dobsonian mounted scope WITHOUT motorised [...] Read more »

Review of Orion Dual-Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser + AccuFocus

Posted by XTSee on 16th November , 2008

I have now finished my latest review article about the Orion Dual-Speed Low-Profile Crayford Focuser that I got for my XT10i telescope recently. At the same time I also got the Orion AccuFocus Motorised Focuser to provide vibration-free fine focusing of my telescope. Both these are detailed in the XT10 Telescope Modifications section of my [...] Read more »

How to flock a Newtonian reflector telescope

Posted by XTSee on 20th October , 2008

Darkness is what matters in Astronomy. Stars shining brightly, painted on the black canvas of space.
And there’s nothing spoils the view more than having a grey or washed out view through your telescope.
One form of light pollution is of course the overhead washing out of the sky due to street lights en-masse shining up into [...] Read more »