Space Music back online

Posted by XTSee on 5th February , 2009

Apologies to anyone who has tried using the Music Player on my site recently, it’s been broken!

Adobe brought out Version 10 of their Flash Player recently which has tighter security, and so I needed to update the Wimpy MP3 Player that my website uses to play its music.

Unfortunately even though Wimpy provided a new version to fix the problem, I didn’t notice it wasn’t working for a little while.

Anyway, it seems to be working again properly for Firefox and Internet Explorer, so if you want to listen then go to my Astro Cosmic Deep Space themed choice of music.


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2 Responses to “Space Music back online”

  1. Flor (1 comments)

    Can you recommend any websites on this topic for further reading?

  2. XTSee (25 comments)

    Sorry not websites, but the idea of my page and player was to introduce some artists/groups who compose music of this kind. If you follow the link in the above article, then scroll down the page you can discover who they are. Enjoy!

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