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Orion-XT10.com now on Twitter

Posted By XTSee On January 13, 2011 @ 11:19 pm In XT10 | No Comments

At last I’ve got around to setting myself up on [1] Twitter.com as @jpXT10, mainly so I can follow some of my fave astronomy related sites and famed people, like the Jodcast, Brian Cox and Chris Lintott, the Sky at Night and so on.

I decided it was high time I did this after seeing the Twitter responses on the BBC Stargazing Live program earlier this month.

If you are on Twitter, please tweet any pages you find useful in this blog or my main website using the Tweet icon below (and at the bottom of all topics/pages), and for latest developments Follow Me using the button below! Not quite sure what I’m going to tweet about, but we shall see!

[2] Follow jpXT10 on Twitter

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