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Posted by XTSee on 9th November , 2011

Ha ha ha ha ha! Take that you spammers!

I’m fed up with your stupid, meaningless, generic, foreign drivel posted as comments on my blog.

Goodbye, you can stop wasting my time now.

I’ve just installed the Math Comment Spam Protection Wordpress plugin for Wordpress version 2.6 and up, to prevent annoying spambots automatically submitting useless comments to my blog.

It’s a pity that real people now have to enter a small bit of extra info (answer for a simple sum) when posting a comment (instead of a CAPTCHA).

Comment spam to my blog has been increasing more and more in intensity over the last 2 or 3 months, from spammers wanting to get backlinks from blogs to their sites, and frankly I’m quite fed up with it. Akismet does quite a good job, but still a few slip through, and you still have to tell Akismet to clean out the spam.

Thing is that Akismet does not prevent comments from automated spambots, whereas asking some kind of additional question on the Comment form at least requires some intelligence on the part of the person filling in the comment, and proves that they are a real person. The Math Comment Spam Protection plug-in fulfils that requirement.

If people are genuinely interested enough in my blog and enjoy or find useful the information I provide on it, then they hopefully won’t mind taking the extra time to fill in the maths question and contribute to this blog. It’s nice to receive real comments from folk, discussing or asking questions relevant to the topic of the post.

Anyway, this should do the trick! Comments always welcome from REAL people with REAL interest.

Rant over, I feel better now, and hopefully other bloggers might find this post useful as well.


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4 Responses to “Math Blog Comment Spam Protection Wordpress Plugin”

  1. lauren upperton (2 comments)

    To be honest I think all the protection you can get against these spammers the better, math works great but its not 100% I think people ought to really begin considering about how they can be stumbling onto the website in the first place, plenty of websites such as word press, joomla, and phpbb all carry foot prints such as footer web links and comments these can be easily removed, and it stops the spiders to be able to find them, since they all use search engines such as bing or google to target you in the first place, read up far more here,

    Stop the comment spam

    lauren upperton

    Great website btw, love astronomy! and yes I do believe :P

  2. XTSee (25 comments)

    Lauren, thanks for an intelligent, non-spammy response.

  3. Lauren upperton (2 comments)

    No Problem m8, just been looking at your website again, I’m a right sucker when it comes to space but i do like above top secret website does that make me a bad person? LOL

  4. Macquarie (1 comments)

    Lauren - i had the same problem on my wordpress site with loads of spammy messages, then when i did an upgrade i removed the links and standard wordpress tags and the amount of spam has dropped considerably.

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