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I used to be an Astrologer, but I’m alright now!

Posted By XTSee On January 24, 2011 @ 9:59 pm In Astronomy | No Comments

I do think its funny the way that the BBC Stargazing Live program broadcast on 3rd Jan 2011, has got a lot of astrologers very hot under the collar about Professor Brian Cox debunking/dismissing astrology. There’s certainly a lot of discussion going around on social media sites Twitter.

The following article discusses “the 13th zodiacal sign Ophiuchus”, and also again refers to the Stargazing Live episode with Brian Cox and Dara OBriain’s comments and the astrology fraternity do seem to be quite annoyed by it all!

[1] http://www.skyscript.co.uk/13thsign.html

It’s all a storm in a teacup.

Tonight I re-watched the first episode, where Brian and Dara have the model of the solar system on a table, and they are obviously in good humour, live on TV and making every effort to make an entertaining show, and granted its obvious they are out to take the micky out of astrology, but its also quite obvious to me that they were very tongue-in-cheek, and I’m amazed astrologers are taking it all so seriously. Do they have no sense of humour? Did they not see this coming?

In fact Brian Cox did not dismiss the astrologers directly, Dara made the first dig at horoscopes (and if you’ve listened to any of Dara’s views and other TV programs he is quite open about debunking), and with a twinkle in his eye Brian follows with the sentence where he says “in the interests of balance on the BBC, yes astrology is…” but actually he pauses briefly and does not finish the sentence. It’s Dara who adds the final word “…nonsense!”, before rapidly moving on.

I think its amazing that astrologers are getting so wound up about it all.

And just for the record, many years ago when I was in my twenties, I enjoyed studying Astrology as a hobby and would make horoscopes, birth charts and character analysis for friends and anyone who was interested. But being scientifically minded (but at an impressionable age when I “believed” in astrology, yet wanted to understand how it all worked) the more I studied it, the more star-charts, planet calculations and character readings I performed, the more disillusioned I became. None of it really made any logical sense to me, and it just appeared to be regurgitation and perpetuation of ancient readings, and pretentious pompous assertions and mind control.

In my view it’s much like alchemy or religion really. Now, as an Astronomer I am in awe of the beauty and wonder of the universe, and enjoy the science, mathematics and laws of physics, and “believe” in the proof of what I can see and touch and the reality of myself and the people and living things around me, and of course my inquisitive nature makes me ask the question of what Life is all about.

But I no longer try to tell individuals what will happen in their own life in the future or what they should believe in based upon some ridiculous calculations that the positions of the planets somehow affect just an individual person (but not millions of other people, come on?).

So I can say from personal experience that for a few years I “tried” to understand astrology and “make it work“. But now as a more matured person I’m into astronomy, and no longer allow astrologers, religious leaders, politicians or other kinds of claptrap to fog my mind or judgement.

I used to be an astrologer, but I’m alright now!

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