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First light on Jupiter and its moons

Posted By XTSee On July 4, 2008 @ 8:02 am In Observing | No Comments

Well, I’ve only had my telescope for 7 months(!), and last night was the very first time I’ve got up close and personal with Jupiter. Hooray, no rain, no clouds, and Jupiter positioned enough above the horizon for me to view it properly. I did view it through binos a week ago, but that was too late to be getting the scope out and me and the wife were a bit drunk having just returned from a wedding party.

Unfortunately the seeing wasn’t so good tonight, a lot of turbulence in the atmosphere (being so low in the sky) and my view was between buildings so I only had about half an hour to observe the big gas giant and its moons. By the naked-eye it was clear, bright and obviously a disc as opposed to a point of light.

Through my 38mm SWA EP in the Orion XT10, Jupiter and its moons were un-mistakeable, and using the 2xBarlow+10mm Plossl I was able to make out the bands.

I put the webcam in and was able to get a couple of AVI’s while the planet drifted across the view, but I have yet to process these in K3CCDTools.

I hope to get a better view fairly soon if the skies are favourable.

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