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Posted by XTSee on 2nd July , 2008

I have added an Astro Music page to my web site.

This contains a small and convenient music player which plays a collection of tracks by a variety of my favourite artists and bands. The common thread being that the tracks are based upon a “Space” theme to suggest a voyage through deep space, passing planets, stars, novas, and encountering aliens, UFO’s and a few other mysterious things on the way.

A lot of the music chosen is ambient, ethereal and either beautiful, hypnotic or wierd as the mood takes you! The intro page provides some information about each of the artists, and the player has buttons to control which tracks play, and volume and so on. Each track also has a button beside it which links off to the appropriate website for that band.

You might know or recognise some of the pieces of music or artists, but there are also some unusual items as well.

Music is a very personal thing, so only you can say whether it appeals to you.
Anyway its there to enjoy while you browse my web site, so be my guest. The player will continue to work uninterrupted while you browse the pages of my site.
If you like the music then please support the artists by purchasing their music.
I don’t make any money from this - I simply like this music, and thought you might also?

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